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Please be advised, in an effort to provide more detailed assistance to our members with preparing and responding to an active shooter situation, in addition to the following, Catholic Mutual has completed training videos on this subject. These videos are available at under the School Safety Curriculum

May 19, 20170.9 MB181
Addendum to Service Contract

In an effort to reduce your exposure to loss or damage caused by a negligent contractor/service provider, the Addendum to Service Contract should be attached to contracts or agreements with contractors/service providers performing work at your facilities.

March 17, 201712 KB148
Adult Hold Harmless Indemnity Agreement

Ideally, individuals utilizing parish premises for activities that are neither parish sponsored nor affiliated should be providing the parish with a certificate of insurance naming the parish and the Arch/Diocese as an additional insured. However, in certain instances when groups or individuals do not have insurance, the Adult Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement can be used. The Adult Hold Harmless/Indemnity Agreement has not been designed to be a replacement for insurance but has been developed only for certain situations.

February 12, 201511 KB108

The following safety and insurance guidelines are designed to assist parishes with the rental/usage of their parish hall. The guidelines focus on safety recommendations to reduce or prevent the most common claims associated with parish hall rentals. If the information outlined in these guidelines does not adequately address your questions, please contact Catholic Mutual’s Risk Management Department at (304)230-5640.

May 19, 20170.1 MB220

11 (including a driver) to 15 Passenger Van, Bus and Shuttle Use Policy (attached).

May 31, 201716 KB144
Chaperone Guidelines Behavior Standards

June 13, 20170.3 MB137
Church Security

Catholic Mutual continues to prepare and provide information to its members regarding safety.  Attached is our first CARES document regarding church intruder security.  Additional supplemental documents will be made available in the near future.  In the wake of many recent tragedies, mass shootings and other violent acts have become all too familiar. Our churches are not immune from shootings and other violent attacks.  The Church Security document includes information on Awareness and Prevention and Threat and Course of Action.  Catholic Mutual DOES NOT allow arming employees or volunteers as part of your safety/security plan.  There is an excellent active shooter training geared for schools that is available at  You can also find an “Active Shooter Emergency Response” document on our website  In addition, Catholic Mutual also offers the “Emergency Response Procedures App” that you can download to your cell phone or tablet.

January 19, 20180.1 MB420
CMG Connect Sample Instructions

CMG Connect, Catholic Mutual Group’s new online training hub is still on schedule to roll-out July 1st. Think of CMG Connect as your “one-stop-shop” for meeting all of your diocesan training needs and your own personal history of training compliance. All of Catholic Mutual’s valuable online resources will be available, such as Be Smart – Drive Safe, The Business of the Church series, and Bloodborne Pathogens, to name a few.

October 18, 20164.7 MB309
Current Video List

February 1, 20180.3 MB48
Emergency Procedures App Flyer

August 23, 20170.4 MB127
Emergency Procedures App Instructions

Emergency situations happen every day. If an emergency happened at one of your facilities, do you think the staff or volunteers would know what to do?

Catholic Mutual Group has been promoting use of the Emergency Response Procedures Manuals to our membership over the past decade. While these are great to have when an emergency occurs, they aren’t always easily accessible. This is why Catholic Mutual Group created an app for mobile devices so this information can be available to everyone right at their fingertips.

The app can provide easily accessible procedures for your location’s employees and volunteers so they can respond appropriately and efficiently during a crisis.

The app is available in the App Store or the Play Store for all Apple and Android devices. There is no charge for use of the app. The app can also be customized by selecting which types and which order the procedures would show up on the device. The emergency contacts section can be customized to have the correct phone numbers to call in case of any type of emergency.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please feel free to contact Kevin Maloney 304-230-5640.

August 23, 20171.5 MB153
Facility Usage Indemnity Agreement

The Facility Usage/Indemnity Agreement must be used when non-parish sponsored or affiliated groups use parish facilities on a short-term basis such as one day or a week. The following groups are examples of non-parish sponsored or affiliated groups that should sign the Facility Usage/Indemnity Agreement.

February 12, 201520 KB148

By being aware of the “best practices” safety checklist shown below and understanding the detailed information available in the Festival/High Risk Events Policy Manual, you will be better prepared to ensure a safer event and reduce or eliminate common claims associated with these types of events. The Festival/High Risk Events Policy Manual can be found on Catholic Mutual’s website at

May 19, 201730 KB178
Field Trip Risk Management Information

The purpose of the enclosed information is to provide sample forms and procedures to minimize the exposures created by participation in field trips.

In addition to completion of the enclosed forms, all participating adults should be screened and complete all safe environment requirements.

October 18, 201623 KB148
First report of Injury form

Attached are the first report of injury forms for workers compensation. Please remember if a worker is injured claims must be submitted to Church Mutual. Claim Filing Options. Church Mutual conveniently enables you to report claims by:

Telephone: (800) 554-2642, select Option 2
Fax: (715) 539-4651
Mail: P.O. Box 342, Merrill, WI 54452-0342
On-call staff is available 24/7 in the case of emergency.

For more information please review the 2016/2017 Workers Comp Information on the Diocese webpage.

May 31, 20171.9 MB139
Generic CMG Connect Instructions

Catholic Mutual On-Line Training

The new Generic CMG Connect Instructions document is a one page (front and back) which provides user instructions on how to sign up at CMGConnect. We have provided a Current Video List which has updated notes about our most current training offerings.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks!

Kevin Maloney, MBA
Catholic Mutual Claims Risk Manager
PO Box 230
Wheeling, WV 26003
Office – 304.230.5640
Cell – 304.280.4356
Fax – 304.230.5642

February 1, 20181.9 MB82
Liquor Liability

February 12, 201510 KB110
Parish Event Vs Special Event

Special Events Coverage should be used when a parish or other church institution is allowing an individual or organization to use its facilities for a non-parish sponsored activity. Attached is information which will help explain the difference and which coverage is applicable.

March 17, 20171.2 MB141
Playground Safety Manual

October 18, 20161.3 MB147
Prevent Frozen Sprinkler Systems

February 12, 201576 KB155
Procedures To Follow When Water Damage Or A Water Loss Has Occurred

Water damage losses can result from several types of causes: flooding, sewer backup, air conditioning and plumbing leaks, roof leaks, condensation, construction defects or faulty maintenance. Damage can also occur from improperly sealed windows and doors, damp basement walls, and wet or water-damaged building materials. If these types of situations are not handled quickly and efficiently, problems with mold can develop. There are many local or national restoration companies able to serve you. If a water loss occurs, please notify Kevin Maloney or John Reardon immediately to assist in determining the appropriate action plan for your needs.

February 16, 20180.4 MB71
Protect Your Property From Freeze Damage

February 12, 201579 KB110

All Schools should develop a Violence Prevention and Preparedness Plan. This plan should be designed to suit the school and community’s specific needs. The plan should be an ongoing, systematic, and comprehensive process that addresses both short and long-term safety measures to eliminate violent attitudes and behaviors in the school. The following guidelines are provided for your school to use in developing a School Violence Prevention and Preparedness Plan. This information can be used as a model for constructing a plan that meets the needs of each individual facility and your community.

May 19, 20170.6 MB230
Slips, Trips & Falls - Ice And Snow Removal Procedures

February 12, 201518 KB129
Space Heaters - What You Should Know

February 12, 201590 KB131
Special Event Application

Please remember to send in the application two weeks prior to the event as other coverages and/or charges may apply.

October 18, 20160.4 MB199
Volunteer Driver Form

Please be advised if anyone drives as a volunteer for our locations it is best to have that person fill out the volunteer driver form. If you have any question please contact our office.

October 18, 20169 KB170
Wheeling-Charleston Risk Management Best Practices Manual

February 22, 20176.3 MB333
Worker's Compensation Posting Notice For 2017-2018

August 30, 20170.2 MB90
Workers Comp Claim Form

February 12, 20151.9 MB1190
Workers Comp Information

All Workers Compensation claims should be reported directly to Church Mutual Insurance Company.

Claim Filing Options. Church Mutual conveniently enables you to report claims by:

Telephone: (800) 554-2642, select Option 2

Fax: (715) 539-4651

Mail: P.O. Box 342, Merrill, WI 54452-0342


On-call staff is available 24/7 in the case of emergency.

Attached is information which provides the change in carriers, claim reporting procedures and introduces you to the Church Mutual Nurse Hotline. If you have any questions please contact Kevin Maloney at 304-230-5640.

March 17, 20170.5 MB202